Projects executed:


Public Finance Management Reform

Subject: Change of public finance management in Slovakia, Programe Budgeting, Value for Money principle implementation, Strategies projection to Budget Lines, Methodology, Monitoring and Evaluation
Project beneficiary: Ministry of Finance and 6 biggest Budget Chapters (ministries)
Project Partners: World Bank(supervisor, loan provider), Ecorys BV (Nederland)-Lead partner, AKKA SK –Miroslav Poláček (deputy team ledader), Agromedika – Marian Letovanec – local expert
Time: May 2004 – April 2006
Location: Slovak Republic

Summary Outcome:

  • Proposals for extended legal framework, rules and budgeting instruments, accountability framework adjusted
  • Sufficient number of staff in budget chapters aware and trained for improved strategy and budget formulation and program budgeting practice (formulation, monitoring and execution), costing methods and multi annual budgeting methods applied
  • Increased relevance of formulated multi-annual budget ceilings and spending limits
  • Increased relevance and practice of budget analysis tools and information base
  • Increased interaction of stakeholders in budgeting, in particular within Line Ministries relevant departments

Complex Education of Employees in SAMSUNG Electronics Slovakia, s.r.o.

Subject: training and education of employees in SESK for cell line production and leadership, language, computer skills, etc.
Beneficiary: Samsung Electronics Slovakia, Galanta
Source: Structural Funds Operational Programme Employement and Social Inclusion
Budget: 1, 287,000,-,- EUR
Project Partners: developed and managed by Electronic Cluster in cooperation with SESK, AKKA SK and Social Implementation Agency of Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family
Approved on 1.2.2010
Realization: the June of 2010 - November 2011
Location: Slovak Republic
Electronic Cluster and AKKA SK prepared and realize public procurement, prepared the activities’ realisation, assure communication with SIA, prepare applications for payment, project and financial management


Subject: Cross border – Austria – Slovakia project oriented on support of innovation activities in companies, analytical activities, cooperation with companies, networking, public private partnership building, vocational education for praxis
Source: Slovak-Austrian Cross-Border Cooperation Programme
Beneficiary: Trnava Self-Governing Region, Niederostereich region (Austria), companies in both regions
Partners: Electronic Cluster, Energy Cluster, SESK, AKKA SK, Agromedica, Revitaling, Wirschaftscammer Niederostereich, Austrian Union of Industry
Realization: 2009 –2012
Location: Austria/Slovak Republic
Main outcomes: It was done analysis of entrepreneur environment in Trnava Self-Governing Region and activities supporting the companies in innovation, pilot activities on vocational education, number of strategic documents were created as well as specific web sites in both countries oriented on cross border cooperation between two regions in innovation, training and entrepreneurship. Follow up projects are prepared.
Within the project were organized number of workshops for companies, Information about procurement in companies were collected, analysed and electronic procurement portal was developed.

Modern Kysuce Project

Subject: Improve strategic planning in Kysuce region (northern Slovakia), invite enrepreneurs and entrepreneurs associations into higher activities, involve young generation into local policy
Source: Norway financial program/tool Beneficiary: Cities, municipalities, entrepreneurs associations and young generation in the northern Slovakia remote region – Kysuce
Partners: Hayek Foundation, Revitaling, Agromedika, AKKA SK
Realization: 2008-2009
Location: Slovak Republic
Main outcomes: Three modern local development strategies were created. Number of workshops and seminars for entrepreneurs associations and companies were organized. Pilot activities on planning of future of the region for youngsters were executed. Specific set of seminars on building of partnership were provided for private and public sector. Another set of activities – seminars, practical training and development of easy-to-use software for municipalities on program budgeting/value for money planning were realized.

Entrepreneurs Education in Vietnam

Subject: The main aim of the project was to assure the realization of innovative forms of educational activities concern entrepreneurship and economic education in the Vietnam.
Source: Slovak ODA agency
Beneficiary: Ministry of Education Vietnam, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce, High schools and Universities in Vietnam
Partners: Slovak – Vietnam Chamber of Commerce, Vietnam Ministry of Education, AKKA SK, Agromedika, Revitaling, Hayek Foundation
Realization: 2010 – 2011
Location: Vietnam/Slovak Republic

The main objectives were to implement innovative forms of education in Vietnam (local and specific character of the project) and to transfer know-how concern the reform in the education area from Slovakia into the Vietnam (national and global character of the project). The core presupposition of the project implementation was the correspondence of the project aim with aims of the Vietnam government and their strategic materials concern education and training reforms as well as the partnership statement of the Ministry of education and training in Vietnam which strongly supports the project implementation in Vietnam. The basic strategy to successfully implement the project was to train university teachers to use innovative forms of economical and entrepreneurship education in Vietnam and to established the tradition of Academy of economical and entrepreneurship education in Vietnam.

CLUSTERPOLISEE – Nettworking of relevant subjects in electronic industry

Subject: Creating of strategy and event organization aimed at networking of companies and institutions of electronic industry in V4 countries
Source: Clusterpolisee project (17 partners from 11 Countries), Southe-East Europe program
Beneficiary: Electronic Section of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce, Trnava Region
Partners of the Project: Electronic Cluster, AKKA SK, Revitaling, Samsung, ES SOPK
Realization: May – June 2014
Location: Slovak Republic
Main outcomes: Strategy for effective networking, innovation, innovative training and future trends tracking in electronic industry have been created. Conferrence of 50 key players in electronic industry from companies, R&D institutions, public and academic sector was organized. Participants from V4 countries, Austria and Taiwan were presenting their experiences and expectations. More than 20 Memorandas of Understanding on cooperation were signed.