AKKA SK s.r.o. has two main core businesses - consultancy and commodity trade.


In consultancy works with network of companies in consortia composed to fit clients needs and expectations. Companies of the consortium and their experts are cooperating on long term basis. They have pool/network of companies, think tanks and other institutions like associations and universities with whoom are frequently cooperating providing experts oriented at various skills and knowledge, thus can very flexibly address number of calls, orders and manage variety of projects.

Every company dispose small number of experts - owners/partners and cooperating persons, what is making them very operative and relatively low cost businesses offering high level consultancy services.

Commodity trade

AKKA SK s.r.o. is oriented at trade with innovative products of Slovak and V4 (Czech Republic, Poland and Hungar) provenience. Key commodity product is Power Batt - unique patented liquid for recovery of lead - acid accumulators. AKKA SK is cooperating with producer of Power Batt - company Battery Gurus. Trade territories are - South East Asia, especially Vietnam and Latin America. Warehouse